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Cartoon Pet Acrylic Block

Display your pet photos in a unique way by transforming them in to a cartoon!

These make the perfect gift for any animal owner or lover.

Send in a photo of your pet(s) and we will transform them into a cartoon and print it on to a freestanding acrylic block for you. We can create this with any pet, from dogs and cats to horses and hamsters.

We will also print your pet's name as shown in the image if desired, just pop their name(s) in to the personalisation details box. 

No limit to the number of pets in the photo!

*For the best results, please ensure your image is as high quality and large as possible. These are usually photos taken directly from a camera or smartphone. 

Available in 3 sizes:

(L) 150mm x (H) 100mm
(L) 210mm x (H) 150mm
(L) 300mm x (H) 210mm (A4)

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