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Acrylic Pet Portrait

Turn your pet photo into a modern vector pet portrait!  

Simply pick the size and product you would like and let our team take care of the rest. 

We will print your photo onto the size you choose on a 20mm freestanding Acrylic block. 

Choose from a nice clean smooth outlined pet or a jazzy exploding portrait to add some extra characters to the image. 

Can be created for any pet, from Dogs, Cats, Horses and Hamsters. To make sure your product is perfect, the best way to photograph your pet is below. We have created the perfect criteria in which we have produced out item images. You can send in any photo your like but a few tips are below;

- Get your pet to sit or stand still 

- Either ask them to look at the camera or to a side using a treat to occupy them. 

- The best photo's are taken at their eye level so we can see their face better (looking down or up will really spoil the image) 

- Make sure your camera is on the highest settings (phone camera are just as good as any other camera) 

For the above images, we asked our pet to site and with Barney, we hovered a treat just about the camera so his eye where looking up. With Alfie, we caught him mid-lick, which gives him the look that he is sticking out his tongue. 

It really is up to you how you want your pet to look!

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